Athene's Holistic Wellbeing Therapies - Workshops

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Attending Athene's workshops will give you a better understanding of holistic healing, that includes energy medicine, spiritual guidance and vibrational essential oils. You will learn how to tap into your innate spiritual gifts and creativity as you process and heal soul wounds and discover your soul's true potential. 
As the workshops progress you will experience a journey of self discovery and healing that will be reflected in your health and appearance - the neglect of our spiritual selves is a cause of disruption and disease.
  • Usui Reiki Energy Healing - Levels I, II, III and Mastership
  • Emotional Clearing Technique with The Feelings oils
  • Raindrop Technique Training with The Raindrop oils
  • Complimentary Essential Oil Playshops 
  • Open a Holistic Treasure Box
  • Uncover the Mystic Within
  • Discover the Magic of Crystals
  • Connecting with Angels
  • Shades of the Soul - Journey in Shadow and Light
  • Your Divine Life Path and Purpose
  • Healing Hearts Together
Held in the Dandenong Ranges to enhance your connection with the natural world, you will learn how to access your inner spiritual guidance using the Oracle cards of the Angels, Fairies, Dragon Fae, Universal Love Archetypes and Mother Gaia by fine tuning your intuition and ability to receive the messages they offer from The Divine Source Of Love. Use supportive ritual and meditation to open your third eye and enhance your natural spiritual abilities connecting you the Source.
You will learn how to journey to your sacred power place to access the treasure trove of intuition and esoteric learnings that could still be lying dormant.  
You will learn how to work with the phases of the Moon and know when your intuition is heightened and when to rest and restore your energy.

Releasing relationships that don't serve our highest potential, cutting energy cords, finding forgiveness for ourselves and others and moving forward is an integral part of our soul's ongoing growth and development.
Gaining clarity on the relationship you DO desire is the key and during this workshop I will share the "Creative Keys of Life" with you with the ultimate goal of drawing an ideal partner to you in this life.
In this crystal healing workshop, you will discover the magic of crystals and how to connect with them, meditate with them, uncover their hidden messages by listening with your soul, cleanse them, program them, learn about 40 crystals that can be used to balance the 10 chakras.  Take home a detailed workbook with all this information.
It is only when we understand that life is an adventure that we are able to attract more of what is needed to sustain us. Emotional, mental, spiritual and physical pain are the outcomes when we ignore our true path and are not aligned with our spirit.
With me as the facilitator, and you as the healer of your condition, we will work through any blacks that have prevented you from making positive change in your life together. 

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