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Situated in the leafy Dandenong Ranges, Athene's Holistic Wellbeing Therapies offers a range of holistic workshops, energy healing treatments, inner journey work, and mindfulness. With 20 years of holistic healing experience, whenever you are seeking spiritual direction and guidance, call Athene Thompson to discuss how she can help.

I assist you to connect to your highest potential by releasing doubt, fear and guilt (energy cripplers) that can prevent you from moving forward on your highest life path and divine purpose. When you undertake a holistic treatment with me, I share valuable spiritual insights along with gentle energy clearing and healing. I introduce you to therapeutic grade essential oils that serve as energy elevators for body, heart, mind and soul. Learn how to quieten your mind to hear the inner guidance from the Source of Divine Love within us and around us. Start celebrating every moment with love and gratitude as a new way of living your life begins. I have single appointments or programs available to help guide and support you on your exciting metaphysical journey. Distance Healings along with spiritual readings are also available for those who cannot come to my Practice. These are available for 24 or 48 hours or 3-5 days. PROGRAMS: THE ENERGY ALCHEMY PROGRAM A 6 phase program for holistic wellbeing designed to assist you on your highest life path - fulfilling your life goals, connecting to your higher self and honouring your soul contract. The 6 phases are:
Journey through one or all of the healing phases: PHASE 1 - The 3-6 Month ENERGY DETOXIFICATION You will receive:
  • Full body reiki energy treatments
  • Aura/Chakra cleanse and balance
  • Esoteric aromatherapy using therapeutic and vibrational essential oils
  • Guided visualisation
  • Oracle guidance
  • Holistic counselling
  • Cutting the ties
  • Crystal/colour/sound healing
  • Head and foot massage using essential oils
6 x 1.5 hour treatments are offered for only $100 as part of the 3 month energy detox program. (Normally $150) The 7th session will consist of a complimentary Young Living product discovery tour into the world of therapeutic grade essential oils and holistic health products. PHASE 2 - The 6-12 Month ENERGY TRANSFORMATION If your goal is to discover your purpose, clearly define the direction of your life path and achieve clarity of vision about where your Soul is guiding you, the 6 month Energy Transformation Program is the ideal next step following completion of the 3 month Energy Detoxification Program. Phase 2 includes a 2 hour session a month over a 6 month period. You receive:
  • Heightened Spiritual Intuition
  • Clear insights into life challenges
  • Release emotional baggage
  • Confidence to speak your truth with clarity
  • Manage your emotions
  • Revitalising cellular cleansing
  • Dissolve negative attachments
  • Realign life goals to define your higher purpose
  • Honour your soul contract
  • Life Path Balance
  • Gain a gateway to spirit via imagination & guided visualisation
2 hour sessions as part of this 6-12 month program only are offered at $160 each instead of $200 PHASE 6-12 Month ENERGY REALIGNMENT The 3rd phase of the Energy Alchemy Program includes a 2 hour holistic wellbeing session per month. You receive:
  • Kabbalah healing procedures
  • Tree of Life meditation to support spiritual advancement
  • Oracle guidance
  • Life path balance
  • Time for reflective journal work These 3 powerful healing phases of the Energy Alchemy Program combine a variety of metaphysical modalities to support you on your path of spiritual growth and development. They will facilitate your ability to receive insight and read the signs you are being given to realign you with your Highest Life Path. Please call me for more information about Phase 4, 5 and 6, which are designed for advanced participants in metaphysical studies. HIGHER LIFE PATH REALIGNMENT A profound healing treatment included in Phase 2 and onwards which realigns you with your Highest Life Path via the Hara Line and energy centres of the body. This treatment will allow you to gain awareness and insight of what is needed to honour your life path and calling. This will enable you to make wise choices based on inner knowing and wisdom more easily, supporting your higher visions of your soul's needs for growth in this lifetime. BOOKS AND AUDIO CD AVAILABLE ESOTERIC POETRY FOR HEALING MIND, HEART AND SOUL Shades of the Soul-A Journey in Shadow and Light (softcover) Shades of the Soul-A Soundscape Journey in Shadow and Light (cd) Crossroads of Love (softcover) SHADES OF THE SOUL - A Journey in Shadow and Light Journey with me as I take you on a transformational voyage through the psyche's hidden caves of discovery, confront what is lurking the tomb of shadows, draw on wisdom from nature and Angelic realms, visit the golden chambers of light and search for a rainbow where a treasure lies waiting. In chapters that reflect the mood, tone and colour for each stage of the soul's journey in finding It's purpose, Shades of the Soul is a tribute to every one of us who is brave enough to let go of all we know as familiar and delve into the abyss to face our own reflections. Only then can we start to fully embrace what we are capable of in the world around us, connect to our creativity, face our darkest selves, awaken the best in ourselves and share of our heart and soul with others. SHADES OF THE SOUL AUDIO CD A Soundscape Journey in Shadow and Light Enjoy this audio book as a meditation to music that evokes the emotion of the journey guiding you forward from shadow into light. CROSSROADS OF LOVE Enter and exit love's many roadways as you travel on this enticing poetic journey. Understand what it means to truly become your own best friend after you have journeyed through the labyrinth of anticipation, confusion, ecstasy, disappointment, joy, denial, shadow and celebration and embraced every aspect on love's road. Finally take a glimpse into an optimistic future by choosing a new road to love. When you fully recognise your own strengths and shortcomings and are comfortable with who you really are you are ready to be clear about your intentions. With this deeper insight into human nature, trust that the promise of divine love exists and awaits.
    For more information about Athene's workshops or programs, phone 0406 160 538 or click on the 'make an enquiry' button below.

    • Diploma Holistic Healing 1998
    • Diploma Esoteric Aromatherapy 1999
    • A.I. Accredited by Doreen Virtue 2004
    • Reiki Mastership 2009

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